Why Is The Ad Different from the One In-Store?

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Can’t see a store that’s close to you on Flipp? Have a look at some of the explanations below:

  1. Your zip/postal code may be outside the retailer’s immediate area distribution area that’s given to us by each retailer, meaning we do not display the ad in the app to people with your postal/zip code. See below for an easy workaround.
  2. Our internal system distributes flyers based on the first 3 digits of your postal/zip code and the distance of the store from your postal/zip code. This algorithm is not perfect and is continuously being refined to display more relevant content for our users. See below for an easy workaround.
  3. It’s possible that your location settings are turned off. Please ensure that your location settings within your device are switched to “Always on” for Flipp.
  4. Some retailers do not have a live ad every week. Please check the retailer’s website to see if they currently have a live ad. If they do not, please know that Flipp usually has it ready for viewing once it’s available on their website.


  1. You can simply adjust your postal/zip code in Flipp to something closer to the store’s physical location and search for the retailer again. You’ll often be able to find ads this way.
  2. When you are in a retailer’s ad, click on the Menu bar in the top right corner, then click on Find Nearby Stores. This will take you to a map of all the closest stores in your area and you can choose which stores ad you would like to view.

If our steps don’t address your question please email us at <flippsupport@flipp.com> or by using the Contact Us form below. Please also include your zip/postal code, the name of the store, and the physical store address you would like to view.

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