Why Can’t I Load Coupons to My Loyalty Card?

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If you’re seeing an error message and a coupon is failing to clip to your loyalty card, please consult all four of the troubleshooting steps we’ve included below: 

  • Have you previously clipped or already redeemed this coupon on another platform, including a retailer’s website? If so, this will result in an error message since a coupon can only be redeemed once.
  • Register your card online through the retailer’s website and create an account for yourself. This will help ensure the card is enabled for load-to-card coupons. 
  • If you’re using a brand new loyalty card, it may take up to 24-hours for a new card to become fully active. Contacting a retailer’s Customer Support may shorten this wait time. 
  • If your card is older than 5 years, you may need to request an updated card from the retailer so that it will work with load-to-card coupons. Please contact the retailer’s Customer Support for that request. 

If you have gone through the above points and are still encountering an unexplained error message, please get in touch with us at flippsupport@flipp.com and provide the following details so our team can look into this for you: 

  • Which coupon and loyalty program did you try to use? Please provide a screenshot.
  • Please confirm your loyalty card number and include an image of your physical card as well as the card barcode in your message. 
  • Please also confirm whether you’re seeing an error message and send us a screenshot of that as well. 

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