Why Can’t I Add My Loyalty Card?

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Having trouble adding a loyalty card to Flipp? Is the barcode missing from your loyalty card? If so, don’t worry – we’ve got some troubleshooting steps listed below which should help solve the issue.

For a new loyalty card, you may need to take the following steps before being able to successfully add the card to Flipp and clip coupons:

  1. Wait up to 24-hours for the card to become active after signing up in-store. Calling customer support may shorten this wait time.
  2. For cards that were received in-store, register the card online at the retailer’s website and create an account for yourself. This will help ensure the card is enabled for digital coupons as well.
  3. Make a purchase using the card in-store before adding the card to Flipp.
  4. Ensure that your card is less than 5 years old. If you have an old loyalty card, please reach out to the retailer directly to receive a new one 🙂
  5. Ensure you are scanning the card in a well-lit area.

If you’re still experiencing an issue after trying those steps, please email us at <flippsupport@flipp.com> or by using the Contact Us form below including the following information:

  • The loyalty program’s card name.
  • A clear photo of the card’s barcode and confirmation of your card number (which can be found under the barcode).
  • Your Zip/Postal Code.
  • Screenshots of any error messages you’re seeing.

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