What’s happening with reebee.com?

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What’s happening with reebee.com?

In June 2022, Flipp acquired reebee and as part of the integration we have committed to maintain both the reebee and Flipp brands so that we are able to continue to serve shoppers and their families.  

What that means is that in the coming months there will be changes to the reebee.com and Flipp.com websites. You will see a new logo that reflects the integration of reebee and Flipp and the back-end of reebee.com will now be powered by Flipp.  

One of the first significant changes involves the reebee.com website. For now, reebee.com will continue to operate. We will transition to a single Flipp.com website in the near future. The reason is that moving to a single website will allow us to provide a better experience for shoppers and ensure everyone is getting the best features and greater content in one place. We will let users know before this happens so it won’t be a surprise and we will share more details about the changes we are making closer to that time so please stay tuned.

As part of this transition, you will see some new messages when you try to access the reebee.com website. For now, when you land on reebee.com, you will have the choice to go to Flipp.com, or you may continue to reebee.com if you prefer. This is temporary. But we want to reassure you, the content you want is still here and in fact, there is even more content available through Flipp.com.

We encourage you to check out Flipp.com. The changes we are making enable us to bring you even more great content and features as well as a new and improved user experience.  

We will continue to have separate apps for reebee and Flipp. That won’t change.  
If you are experiencing other issues accessing either Flipp.com or reebee.com, please reach out to our customer support team at Flipp or reebee

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