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Simply select the Search bar at the top of the Browse tab or select the Search tab and type your query into the search bar that appears at the top of the display – Flipp will show all the matching results we’ve got for you and the icon on the right will display what store has it is available at. For example, you can type in searches such as Wal-Mart (a store), television (an item), and Bounty (a brand).

  • If you search for a specific product (i.e. apples), you can click on it and the app will take you to that item on the store’s ad.
  • If you search for a store, the store’s ad will appear for you to view.
  • If you search for a brand, all the items we have related to that brand will appear.

On Android

On iOS

Recent Searches

Your recent searches will appear under the search bar. You can easily click on them in order to pull up that search query again. If you would like to delete them, click on “Edit” and remove one or more results by selecting the “X” icon next to them.

Here you can see the top searched items on the Flipp app.

Note: Your search history helps us show you better and more relevant results when searching.

Filtering Search Results

To narrow down the search results you can choose to filter by a selection of stores of your choosing.

To select specific stores, tap ‘Filter’, and a menu will appear showing the stores with offers related to this search query available in your regions. You can also choose to view search results from your Favourite stores only. You can learn more about how to Favourite Stores from this article.

To select to shop only In-store offers or Online offers, tap ‘Filter’, and under the option ‘Ways to shop’ choose ‘In-store’ or ‘Online’.

Sorting Search Results

You can also choose to organize the results by price or relevance.

To organize your results, select ‘Sort by Relevance’ to see the options. You can sort search results by relevancy or price.

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