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Want to share your Shopping List with a friend using When shared, you will both have access to the same Shopping List, giving you a better way to coordinate your weekly shopping!

  1. To share your Shopping List, first, make sure you are logged into
  2. Select the Shopping List tab located in the top right corner. Once you have your list opened, select the “Invite” button (the icon with two people).
  3. A unique share URL will be generated. You can copy this link and send it to your friend or partner through Gmail, Facebook, etc. 
  4. ​​​After they click on the link and accept your invitation, your Shopping List will be shared!
  5. To disconnect your Shopping Lists, select the “Invite” button and select “Disconnect Shopping List”.

Note: At the moment, a list can only be shared between two different Flipp accounts. Syncing the same Flipp account across multiple devices is a workaround to edit the same list on more than two devices.

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