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If you are looking for coupons from your favourite retailers, Flipp is here to help! Below there are steps on how you can print your coupons from either the Flipp app or from our website. Kindly note, mobile printing is not available at this time.

How to print coupons from the Flipp App

  1. Clip the coupons you would like to print on the Coupons screen, under ‘Additional Coupons’.
  2. Tap ‘Print’, enter your email address, select the coupons you would like to print, then tap ‘Send’.
  3. If you have clipped multiple coupons, when you are ready to print your coupons, go to the Lists screen, scroll down to the ‘Print’ section under ‘My Clippings’.

On Android

On iOS

How to print coupons on

  1. Clip the coupons you would like to print using the Coupons category on the left of the screen.
  2. You can browse coupons by All, Loyalty Card, and Print (Note: You can only print the coupons available under the ‘Print’ section).
  3. Select ‘Print Coupon’ and a new window will open enabling you to print your coupons.
  4. If you want to print multiple coupons select ‘Clip item’ on each coupon and go to your Shopping List to Print.

If you are still unable to print your coupons after following these steps, please email us at <> or by using the Contact Us form below.

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