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With Flipp, you can build a shopping list to keep track of the items you need along with your clippings all in one spot. Flipp will then match your items with local deals to make savings that much easier. This article will go over how to use the Shopping List on

Adding Items 

There are two ways you can add an item to your Shopping List:

  1. On the right-hand side of the screen, “Recommended Items” are displayed so that you can quickly add items that you typically shop for( i.e. chicken, apples, cheese, etc).
  2. You can also manually type in the items you need in the “Add Items” bar.

Once you’ve added an item to your Shopping List, you can click on the word “Deals” highlighted in blue to display all the deals for this item near you!

Deleting Items 

Here’s how you can delete items from your Shopping List.

  1. To delete multiple items at once or expired clippings, check off the items on your list, and then select “Clean up list” to clear them.
  2. To delete individual items, hover over the item until the trash can icon appears and click the icon.

Note: Currently mass deleting all the items in your Shopping List is not available on, but is supported on the Flipp app. 

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