How to Download Flipp

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The Flipp app can easily be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. If you’d like to download our app, please visit the App Store or the Google Play Store.

On Android

On iOS

If you prefer to use Flipp on your desktop or laptop, head over to the Flipp website!

Minimum Requirements

If you’re having a hard time downloading Flipp, take a look at the minimum requirements needed for your device below. 


Flipp has a minimum requirement of Android 7.0 +, anything below this will not be compatible with Flipp. You can check your Android version via Settings > About phone > Android version. 


Flipp has a minimum requirement of iOS 14.0 +, anything below this will not be compatible with Flipp. You can check your iOS version via Settings > General > About > iOS version. 

If your device doesn’t meet these OS requirements, you can always visit using a web browser on your device instead. This will still allow you to browse ads and items, make a shopping list, and find coupons (US only) so you can get your savings! 

If you experience any difficulties downloading Flipp on a supported iOS or Android version please send us an email at <> with your zip/postal code and let us know your scenario. We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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