How to Browse An Ad Offline

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Ads can’t be browsed offline at the moment. However, Flipp does save your cached data for “offline viewing”. This means that if you’ve viewed an ad at home on a strong internet connection and are then in-store, you’ll be able to see the same information you loaded when you had a connection earlier. This is available on Flipp version 8.7 and above for iOS, and 8.8 and above for Android. 


Here’s another ‘workaround’ that can help you view a single ad when your device doesn’t have a good internet connection. Please follow the steps below to try this:

  1. Open up the specific ad that you’re interested in when your device has a stable internet or data connection available.
  2. Keep the Flipp app open and do not exit the app on your device.
  3. Open up the Flipp app when you’d like to see the ad again and it should be viewable without an internet connection.

Please note: This workaround is meant for a single ad and can help if you’re visiting a specific store where you won’t have an internet or data connection.

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