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Away from your phone but still want to add your loyalty card to Flipp? Below are steps on how to add loyalty cards using!

  1. Head on over to the Flipp website, and log into your Flipp account. 
  2. Select the Coupons tab found on the left sidebar. 
  3. Select “Add a Loyalty Card”.
  4. Now you can scroll through the list of loyalty card programs available, or search for your loyalty card program.
  5. Once you find and select the card you wish to add, manually type the barcode or phone number associated with your card.  Note: Scanning your loyalty cards’ barcode is not available on, but is supported on the Flipp app.  

Once you’ve done this, your card should now be visible! To use it in-store, simply go back into your Flipp app account under the Browse tab and select the card you need to scan or show at the checkout.

Note: If you encounter an error message, such as “invalid card” while trying to add a card, please consult our troubleshooting steps in this help article. 

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