How to use vertical scroll

Modified on: 2018-05-16 09:57:09 -0400

Flipp has made some exciting changes to our flyer viewing experience! We’ve put together some important points that will help you navigate our new scrolling design. 

You can now view your local ads by scrolling vertically - as opposed to horizontally! See the video below for tips on this new, more intuitive scrolling experience. 

You'll also notice that swiping sideways (horizontally) will now take you to the next retailer's ad:

Shopping List

  • You’ll notice that the Shopping List icon is now in the top right corner of your screen and displays the number of items in your list.

  • When clipping an item, the yellow circle will appear - meaning that the item is now in your shopping list --> clippings section!

  • You may also notice that there is no longer an animation of your clipping adding to the shopping list, but not to worry! Your clippings are still added to the Clippings section of the Shopping List tab in the Clippings section. You can check out a video below for what this now looks like! 

Deal Finder

  • In an effort to simplify the app and declutter the flyer screen, we’ve removed the “discount slider”/Deal Finder feature. We do apologize to any of our users who are impacted by this. Here's a screenshot of what this previously looked like, before the update:

How do I switch back to the original horizontal print flyer?

  • You can also select the “...” menu and select View Print Weekly Ad to switch back to a view of the original print flyer. However, this view is not interactive (you can’t clip or tap on items).

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming to this feature!

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