Refreshed Flipp Browse Experience

Modified on: 2018-04-12 12:49:10 -0400

If you’ve updated to the latest version of the Flipp app, you’ll notice that the home “Browse” screen looks a little different. Here are the changes and what you can expect from them:

Flyer/ad “cards” - some flyers/ads will now display as a “card” with two sides: one side is a description of what’s in the flyer/ad and the second side is a preview image of the flyer/ad itself. Please know that these are still the same flyers/ads that you’re used to seeing in Flipp!

The “Explore” label near the top of the screen has the same function as the “Featured” label from previous app versions too.


Horizontal category “carousels” - While scrolling in the “Browse” screen, you’ll come across different sections such as: Recently Viewed by You, Stores Near You, Grocery, Home, etc. In these “carousels” you’ll be able to swipe sideways to see flyers/ads and other content related to that category. To see even more content at once for a category, select “See all” next to the category title of the carousel.

New search features: The search screen will now display your recent searches and has an option to edit your search history.

  • To see your recent searches, select the search bar at the top of the search screen.

  • To modify your search history, select “edit” and you’ll be able to remove one or more results by selecting the “X” next to them. To remove all your results, select the delete icon at the top right of the screen. Once you’re finished editing your searches, select “Done.”

  • Please note that your search history helps us show you better results when searching.


Feedback? We’d love to hear it. You can submit feedback in the app by going to “Account” > “Settings” > “Give Feedback” or email us directly at

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