How to redeem my rebate coupons (“Redeem Rebates” button)

Modified on: 2017-06-14 11:39:23 -0400

After you have “clipped” your rebate coupon (See How do I “clip” a rebate coupon?), and purchased the item that it applies to (See How to verify (scan) my purchase?), please follow these steps:

1. Purchase the item and have it and the receipt ready.

2. Select the “Redeem Rebates” button.

3. Select the rebates that you have clipped that you would like to redeem (which will be available on the screen).

4. Select “Verify Purchase”, which will ask you to scan the barcode on the item to ensure that it is eligible for the rebate coupon. 

5. Scan the item barcode. Make sure your camera has a clear view of the barcode.

6. Select “Upload your receipt”, which will ask you to capture your receipt with your phone’s camera.

7. Take a photo of your entire receipt, making sure that you capture the top of the receipt with the store name all the way to the bottom of the receipt with the receipt total. See How do I upload (capture) my receipt?

8. If your receipt is too long and the item that you want to redeem is further down the receipt, please use the “+ Add Section” section button to take another photo of the receipt.

9. Select “Upload Receipt”, which will submit the receipt to Flipp for processing. 

10. You can check back in your “Account” page to see the status of your rebate. See Viewing previous coupon rebate claims and How do I cash out? for more details.

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