Can I use special offers and other coupons with the Flipp coupons?

Modified on: 2017-09-06 13:18:33 -0400

There are some rules around combining special offers and other coupons with coupons and rebates offered on Flipp:

  • Flipp coupons cannot be used together with other retailer/store or manufacturer coupons. 
  • Only 1 coupon can be used per item purchased (ie. you cannot stack multiple coupons towards a single item).
  • Only 1 coupon can be used per person. 
  • See Rebate coupon fine print and restrictions for more details

All Flipp rebates are non stackable, meaning there cannot be any other coupons applied to the items on your receipt. The reason we do this is to make the transaction fair for all parties involved (you as the consumer, the retailer, and the manufacturer). 

Here's an example of a receipt that has coupons applied to specific line items. The "MFR COUPON" item represents a coupon applied to the item above it:


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