How do I upload (capture) my receipt?

Modified on: 2017-09-08 14:22:08 -0400

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide a clear photo of the entire receipt (top to bottom), then it is very possible that it will be declined. So please make sure to follow these steps to submit a good receipt!

  1. Go through the first 5 steps required to redeem your rebate (see here for first 5 steps). Taking a photo and uploading your receipt is step #6.
  2. Put your receipt on a flat surface (eg. table) and make sure that it is flat and easy to read (not crumpled, blurry, hard to read).
  3. Use your mobile device's camera to take a good quality photo of the receipt that is clear and close enough that you can read each line item.
  4. Make sure you capture the entire receipt, from top to bottom. If the receipt does not fit all in one photo, simply select the "+Add Section" button and take another clear photo that includes part of the bottom of the receipt. 
  5. If your receipt says "continued on the back" or has more printed details on the back, please add a section for the back of the receipt as well. 
  6. Upload the receipt :)

See an example of a bad vs good receipt upload:

BAD - this will be declined:


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