How do I upload (capture) my receipt?

Modified on: 2017-06-23 09:33:08 -0400

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide a clear photo of the entire receipt (top to bottom), then it is very possible that it will be declined. So please make sure to follow these steps to submit a good receipt!

  1. Go through the first 5 steps required to redeem your rebate (see here for first 5 steps). Taking a photo and uploading your receipt is step #6.
  2. Put your receipt on a flat surface (eg. table) and make sure that it is flat and easy to read (not crumpled, blurry, hard to read).
  3. Use your mobile phone's camera to take a good quality photo of the receipt.
  4. If the receipt does not fit all in one photo, simply select the "+Add Section" button and take another clear photo that includes part of the bottom of the last receipt. 
  5. Upload the receipt :)

See an example of a bad vs good receipt upload:

BAD - this will be declined:


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